Monday, 5 August 2013

My Favourite Pinterest Craft Tutorials

I love Pinterest. I have the app on my mobile phone I have gained so many new craft techniques from this site. I thought I would share some of my favourite craft tutorials from Pinterest.

The first tutorial can be found here. Now i'm not brilliant on my sewing machine but I actually think I could make dress. I'm not sure I would look as good in it as the model does but I think i'd shorten it and make a lovely simple summer boob tube top.

While we are looking at T shirt dresses I will also show you the tutorial for this cute T shirt skirt. Now I actually made this skirt and it turned out pretty well. If it was ironed i'd take a photo and show it off :)

I think this scarf is a brilliant idea, I wish I thought of it myself. All you need is an old scarf or material and a piece or lace.

So these are 3 tutorials I have seen, there are so many more.

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